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Meeting Comics #23: HELL HAND AND OTHER STORIES Digital Edition

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Meeting Comics #23: HELL HAND AND OTHER STORIES Digital Edition

Andrew Neal = Wander Lane
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The twenty-third issue of Meeting Comics by Andrew Neal!
36 pages (32 pages plus covers).
Full color covers, B&W interiors.

This issue features five short stories that take place over the end of 2021, from Halloween week through New Year's!

HELL HAND: Meet an infernal being when they visit Occult Classics, the bookstore run by Rafael, one of Ellie's exes!
TINA AND ELLIE'S NEXT CASE: Find out along with Tina and Ellie what their next case will be! It's a horrible idea, frankly!
VAL'S FIRST KISS: Join Val and some pals for Thanksgiving and learn the story of Val's first kiss!
SUBSTANDARD PARENTS: Like awkward family interactions? Well you'll love seeing what happens when Kevin meets up with his mom and son in the park!
THE GOLDEN CLIPPER: Eavesdrop on Thomas's dad as he tells Marisol a pivotal story of Thomas's youth!


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